Saturday, 5 March 2011

Application Form

If you want to be a part of CMUNS, join now! The application form can be downloaded from here. Filled forms should be sent at You'll be notified if you are selected as a part of the team.
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Mission Statement

The COMSATS Model United Nations Society seeks to bring the students of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology closer to the United Nations Organization by providing an increased understanding of international organization’s, multilateral diplomacy and current affairs.


Model United Nations conferences simulate the workings of different committees of the United Nations. Students participate as secretariat staff and officials, chairpersons, delegates, representatives of non-governmental organizations and journalists. By learning through the discussions and negotiations that take place at these conferences students gain considerable exposure to global issues of vital importance, and further their understanding of the workings of multilateral diplomacy.
The purpose of the Model United Nations Society is to offer students from the university a opportunity to participate in, inter alia, workshops, simulations and interaction with members of the academia, in order to study, develop and share their skills. This will enable students new to the concept of MUNs to have a stage to prepare and practice with peers, and at the same time will allow more experienced student to hone their skills.

It is our hope that through these learning process participants strives towards developing their skills in various areas such as reading and research, formulation and presentation of ideas, negotiation, debate and oration, and character development.
We strongly believe that the Model United Nations experience cultivates a strong sense of awareness and perceptibility, advances educational insight and the development of character. It is with this rationale and volition that we seek to establish the first ever Model United Nations Society in COMSATS Institute of information technology.